Powered Industrial Trucks – Forklift Operator Train the Trainer-English

This training was created for Companies that already have a forklift training program available and require the trainer to receive additional training and certification for forklift operations and to ensure OSHA compliance requirement.

You will Receive:

  • OSHA accepted Wallet ID Card valid for 3 years
  • Optional PICTURE ID Wallet Card – NEW !!
  • You can certify UNLIMITED number of employees every 3 years.
  • Certification includes 7 classes of forklift (rough terrain, Stand up, sit down, etc)
  • 20 wallet cards to distribute to your employees upon completion of your training
  • Option to print your Certificate of Achievement after completion of your online training


Course Curriculum

  • Topic 1: OSHA Rules & Regulations (English)
    30 minutes
  • Topic 2: Train The Trainer Presentation (English)
    30 minutes
  • Topic 3: The Safety Video
    30 minutes
  • Topic 4: Documents Download
    30 minutes
  • Topic 5: Certification Test
    22 questions
  • Topic 6: Wallet Card Request Form
    30 minutes


This training class was created for companies that currently have a forklift training program established. The class provides a company’s trainer with additional training and certification for forklift operations to ensure the trainer and company are in compliance with OSHA regulations. The trainer will receive a wallet card with name and certification date which is valid for 3 years. A certificate of achievement can be printed immediately upon completion of the online training.


Why do you need to have a Forklift License?

  • It is required by Law
  • Companies prefer to hire Forklift Operators with a license
  • OSHA and Employer accepted nationwide
  • You will complete the training in less than 2 hours
  • You will print your Certificate of Achievement at the end of training


Virtual Training

  • Best suited for Supervisors/Managers with some forklift experience
  • You will receive a custom printed operator id card (plastic wallet card) via USPS
  • You will obtain your certificate of achievement. A proof of completion of the forklift certification training.
  • A combination of interactive presentation, power point presentation, models and interactive discussion make this course interesting and informative.
  • The class length is approximately 1-2 hours.


  • A written test will check your comprehension of the materials.
  • A test can be taking as many times as needed without pay again
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